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Quattro3d is a 3d engine for graalonline.

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What we do.

This Manual comes in handy for beginners wanting to learn Graal3D Scripting, and advanced developers looking to expand their knowledge, as it will contain documentation, examples, tutorials and much more...


What we will focus on in this Manual is programming our gameplay (scripting the behavior of our Gameobjects, their interactions, the components attached to them...)


Unity is the leading platform for building 2D, 3D, VR and augmented reality games. It offers a scripting API in C#, allowing us to interact with the unity editor and the games we want to build.

Unity Binding

The Graal Unity Binding is a binding between GraalScript and Unity, it is actually still in alpha, but most functionalities needed are present. The goal of this binding is to mimic the Unity C# scripting system (functions and classes). So if you are familiar with Unity and C#, everything should be easy. If not, then do not worry, I will go over everything step by step and include examples done in C# and compare them to GraalScript for each topic.

3d client

The 3D Client (which you will have to download) will serve as the Unity editor, mentioned earlier, which contains the base scene where you instantiate your Gameobjects and manipulate them with your GraalScripts.


Here are a few examples for beginners wanting to get into Graal3D. You will need to have both the Graal3D Client and RC downloaded. You will also need an authorized account to be able to login to the server.

Free of Charge

You can use our engine online free of charges

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